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I would love to help Artists from all over the world. Sadly my pockets are not always letting me do so. Support me by donating what you can to ensure I keep eating healthy while helping others. Like a lot of us,

I have bills to pay. If you can slide some paper this way.. That would be great.

Donate what you can and I promise to do what I can.

Bless up.

We want to connect people from a place of authenticity, curiosity and love for what one does, by showcasing and promoting their passion(s) with a short video.

With it we aim to inspire the world to live more happily and more productive.

When someone gets to dive into their talents and the things they love to do, this will happen;

as long as we also increase our awareness and pitch in some Seva (selfless service) for the planet.

My wife and I want to fly out to Suriname to help develop and build a new born eco city. A sustainable city without incentives to abuse or manipulate the earth and the people on it. powered by Pamojah we are manifesting the path to Suriname though we can always use your help. Give us an extra kick with a genuine donation. As we proceed we will keep in touch with you guys and send out news when we have it. For now I wish you a blessed time.

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